fatigue design of steel and composite structures - 2nd edition

this volume addresses the specific subject of fatigue, a subject not familiar to many engineers, but still relevant for proper and good design of numerous steel structures. it explains all issues related to the subject: basis of fatigue design, reliability and various verification formats, determination of stresses and stress ranges, fatigue strength, application range and limitations. it contains detailed examples of applications of the concepts, computation methods and verifications.

automatic procedure to check steel connections according to EN1993-1-8

luis borges et sebastien bouron

tracés n° 03, 16 février 2011

Retrofit of existing steel buildings often requires strengthening of the connection regions. One common connection, the bolted beam-column connection, is often strengthened in design using stiffened extended endplates, or with continuity plates welded between the column flanges. In a retrofit scenario, adding stiffeners to the endplate is difficult due to the concrete slab and metal deck, and excessive field welding of continuity plates may be uneconomical...