50012 - beautiful bridge

bernex / ge
début des études

as part of the "art & streetcar" project and the development of the urban and suburban network marked by the extension of streetcar line 14, the cantonal fund for contemporary art of the canton of geneva is in charge of the development of a public art project. the beautiful bridge aims to create a link between the city and the countryside, in the image of the municipality of bernex, which marks the end of the agglomeration of geneva and the beginning of its countryside. as such, the beautiful bridge is positioned at the entrance of the future agro-urban park, the realization of which is the responsibility of the vwa verzone woods architects office. The beautiful bridge is a sculpture accessible to pedestrians, with a complex geometric shape - asymmetrical arched curve in elevation, diabolo shape in plan. this sculpture, dimensioned as a pedestrian bridge, has a span of 25 m for a structural thickness of between 20 and 50 cm. The whole is made of reinforced and prestressed concrete.



rampini construction