ouvrages d'art

30108 - international competition for the new bridge over river douro

proposal for the international competition of the new bridge over river douro between porto and v. n. de gaia. by the team structurame, brauen wälchli architectes, de cerenville, and geomod.

with a main span of approximately 400 meters, the proposed bridge project is made of steel, enabling the fast construction of a light-weight and slender structure. the trilogy of inclined piers on both banks progressively decrease the spans of the deck. the orthotropic deck has a variable section height with a maximum of 6 meters.

50012 - beautiful bridge

as part of the "art & streetcar" project and the development of the urban and suburban network marked by the extension of streetcar line 14, the cantonal fund for contemporary art of the canton of geneva is in charge of the development of a public art project. the beautiful bridge aims to create a link between the city and the countryside, in the image of the municipality of bernex, which marks the end of the agglomeration of geneva and the beginning of its countryside.